Make Your Own Tractor Seat Cover

People who own their own homes and have expansive yards will purchase a lawn tractor. This is going to be the best thing for them to use when trimming the grass because it helps to cut down the time it takes and it makes it so much more comfortable for you during the summer heat. Can you imagine mowing your lawn for an hour or more, walking the whole time? Of course in order to make this lawn tractor useful and comfortable you have to be on a seat that is not going to make your bottom hurt by the end of it.

That is why so many people will spend $50 or more on a new seat when the old one is worn out. In order to keep this new one from falling apart easily you have to also get a cover to go over it. This cover is going to keep it protected from the elements of weather and from anything that you might personally do to the seat. The great thing is that you could save a lot of money and make your own.


  • To do this you need to get your hands on a windshield protector. Unfold the protector and place it over the seat of your tractor. Make sure that one edge of this is lined up evenly with the front edge of the tractor seat. Now fold it perfectly at the crease at the back of the seat, where it meets the back of the tractor. Using your hands, gently tuck this crease between the seat and the back of the seat. Pull the rest of the protector over the rear seat cushion and bend it around the top half.
  • Where the crease is being pushing between the seat and the back, draw a line. This will tell you the width so that you know where to trim it at. Using scissors cut away the remainder of the protector. Now use tape measure to cut off a 5 foot piece of rope. The rope should be an eighth of an inch. Sew the rope onto the creased line of the protector. Make sure this is a strong stitch so that it does not come undone.
  • The extra protector that you had cut off will be placed inside of a 50 pound burlap potato bag. Pull the bag taut over the front edge of the lower half of the seat. Feel the bag and try to find the rope that you sewed on. Sew another piece of rope, the same size, to the bag and the protector.
  • Cut out little holes in the bag and pull the protector rope ends through these holes. Sew the bag along all of the edges to the protector and make sure it is sewed closed. Place the entire thing over the tractor seat and use the rope tails to tie it securely to the seat.